QUESTION: What is Mineral make up? Why is it so much better than regular make up? It seems everyone is wearing mineral make up instead of regular powders and concealers.

Mineral Make up is essentially pure crushed minerals. Two of the minerals are natural sunscreens so the makeup has a built in sun protection. Unlike traditional powders you “buff” the minerals on. The warmth of your skin causes the minerals to slightly liquefy and form a natural finish on your face. When the minerals are applied properly (which can take some practice) your skin has a glowing, natural look. Mineral Makeup generally refers to the Loose Mineral foundation, but there are many other mineral makeup products – finishing powder, face color, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, etc. The minerals generally come in a loose powered form but it also comes in pressed or liquid.

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3 years of being an Esthetician and makeup artist, 2 years of being an Account executive with a Cosmecutical skincare company, ( and currently working for a Pharmaceutical grade web based skincare company.
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