About Mineral Secrets


Mineral makeup is the latest trend in makeup. If this is a bandwagon, Mineral Secrets hopes that everyone is joining us for good. Women and men deserve makeup that will protect and enhance their skin! We have been spreading the word for almost 20 years that finely ground minerals are a wonderful component to makeup providing amazing coverage, color, sun protection and lasting power. To put it simply, mineral makeup is good, synthetic makeup is bad for your skin. We do not think you should wear a lot of makeup, but we do want the makeup that you use to be good for your skin.

Mineral Secrets cares about what you think. We are constantly adapting our lines based on your feedback. Let us know if you wish to see a new color. Let us know if you found a new product and wish we would carry it. Please email us with any questions! We want to hear from you. If you need a better technique to control loose powder, we'll help! If you want us to match your Cover Girl color with one of our mineral colors, we will! If there was something in Bare Minerals that was just quite right for you, we'll make a recommendation. There is no reason why online shopping cannot be just as easy as going to the counter. Difference is, there is no hard sell for you to buy more and no attitude if you want to ask questions and explore your options. We are L'Oreal drug store easiness meets Jane Iredale mineral makeup meets Mac department store attention less Bobbi Brown prices. Give us the opportunity to be the mineral makeup company you are looking for.

Why Mineral Secrets? Our products offer the makeup attributes you want: wonderfully light, smooth texture, ideal coverage, easy application, wide variety of colors (so you have your favorite color and something new!), long-lasting, natural sun protection, barely noticeable, no harmful ingredients like chemicals, preservatives, oil, fragrances or talc, no clogging pores, nourishes the skin, acts like an antioxidant, covers acne, blemishes, scars and pores and of course, it makes you feel younger and healthier! Mineral makeup is not organic. There are no moisturizers in the products which means bacteria cannot grow in them. You don't have to purchase new products every three months! And did we mention, our mineral makeup is less expensive!

Mineral Secrets was founded in 1999. We have been satisfying our customers with amazing makeup and skin care products since. We have almost 20 years experience in our online store alone! Mineral Secrets is part of Skin Clinic Inc. The parents company encompasses not only Mineral Secrets but also Skin RX Clinic (skinrxclinic.com) and Guy Skin Care (guyskincare.com). All three sites aim to serve you, our dedicated customers, with skincare products that do you and your body a favor! Our bodies are our life vessels and our policy is keep good care of them. Yes, switch over to mineral makeup, but more importantly, join the Mineral Secrets family. We care about our clients and all of your beauty and skincare needs.